How to Hide an App on Your iPhone or iPad

You have some choices but you can’t completely “hide” an app. You can delete an app by a tap and hold on the icon until the “X” appears, then tap it.

The choices are making the app hard to find via a search or using Siri. To do this we are going to turn off some of an app features.

This is for iPhone and iPad

Hide an App

  • Launch Settings
  • Tap Siri and Search. See below image:
iPhone Hide App 1
The Settings screen for Siri & Search
  • Find the app you want to “hide” from your list of installed apps. I selected the app “Yale Cleaners”. Refer to below image:
Phone Hide App 2
My Yale Cleaners app
  • On this screen, disable all items by toggling them off. The Show App toggle will be revealed; disable this toggle as well. This will exclude the app from all search results and and suggestions screens. See below image:
Phone Hide App 3
Disabling all Yale Cleaners searches

Note! The Settings app does not follow the rules. Any app you try to “hide” will appear in Settings and it’s search field.

Find Your Hidden App

To find the “hidden” app, you have to find its icon somewhere among your installed apps to launch it.

Unhide Your App

  • Launch Settings
  • Find the app from your list of installed apps.
  • Tap Siri & Search and toggle on each feature
  • Tap Notifications and toggle it on. Refer to below image:
iPhone Hide App 4
Unhide Yale Cleaners for searches

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How to find an app on your iPhone or iPad