How to Find an App on iPhone or iPad

If you are like me, you have dozens of apps on your smart device. Instead of swiping screen by screen to locate and launch an app, let’s explore another method using Spotlight Search.

This is for iPhone and iPad

Launch Spotlight Search

  • Near the middle of any screen, especially the Home screen, tap and swipe down. This will open the Spotlight with a keyboard and a search bar. See below image:
iPhone Find App 1
Launch of Spotlight

Finding an App

  • Type a few letters of the app name. In my example, I am searching for “TV App”. See following image:
iPhone Find App 2
Finding an app using Spotlight search
  • Spotlight will suggest a “Top Hit” and other possibilities. Refer to below image:
iPhone Find App 3
Spotlight Top Hit for your search

Launch the App

  • Once you find your app, tap it’s icon to launch. See following image for launching “TV App”:
iPhone Find App 4
Launching the Spotlight search app
  • You can also use Siri to locate and launch an app. Once Siri is activated, just say “Launch” followed by the app name.

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