How to Create Rolling Credits in PowerPoint

Do you need to give people credit for your PowerPoint presentation? If so, you can add these credits to your final slide by using the scrolling text animation feature. You can use an existing presentation or add this to your next one. In our example, we are using an existing PowerPoint slide show.

This is for PowerPoint for Office 365 Windows and Mac versions. Other versions of PowerPoint will be similar.

Setting Up the Slide

  • Open an existing presentation or create a new one
  • Navigate to the final slide
  • Click the Insert tab
  • Insert a blank text box by clicking the Text Box icon in the Text group. Your cursor will turn into an down arrow. After you click, the cursor changes to a crossbar. Click and drag the cursor to draw the text box. See followin image:
Rolling Credits 1
PowerPoint drawing the text box for the Credits

Entering Your Presentation Credits

  • Enter your credits. The text box will expand, if necessary, as you enter the names.
  • Highlight your entries
  • Select the Home tab
  • Since credits are usually centered, select the Center alignment icon in the Paragraph group. See following screen:
Rolling Credits 2
PowerPoint Credits completed and centered

Adding the Animation Effects

Now lets add the animation to the text box. With the textbox selected:

  • Click the Animations tab
  • Select Add Animation button in the Advanced Animation group. See following image:
Rolling Credits 3
PowerPoint about to add the animations
  • A drop down menu will appear. Scroll to the bottom and select More Entrance effects. The Add Entrance Effect window will be shown. See following image:
Rolling Credits 4
PowerPoint Add Entrance Effect drop down menu

Setting the Credits Animation

  • Scroll down to the Exciting group and select Credits. You will see the credits animation scrolling effect in the background.
  • Click OK to save your changes
Rolling Credits 5
PowerPoint selecting the Credits animation

The rolling credits will be added to your presentation. You may now view your slideshow from the beginning or from the current slide to see the Rolling Credits in action.

Thats it. You are finished.

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