How to Add an Excel Watermark to Your Sheet

In Microsoft Excel, you can add a watermark, sort of, to an Excel sheet. How to do this is not intuitive. In Microsoft Word you have templates to chose from such as “Confidential” or “Do Not Copy” for a watermark.

I am going to discuss one method; adding an image background as a watermark. We are going to insert an image which could be a photo or a company logo. Let’s see how to implement this watermark.

This is for Excel for Office 365 Windows and Mac versions. Other versions of Excel will be similar.

Your Excel Sheet

  • Create an Excel spreadsheet or use an existing one. Refer to my newly created sheet (Sheet1) below:
Excel Watermark 1
My Excel sheet
  • Click Insert>Text>Header & Footer
xcel Watermark 3
Inserting a Header in the middle column
  • Select Picture

Select Your Watermark

Select your option for inserting a picture. Refer to following screenshot

Excel Watermark 4
Options for selecting a watermark image
  • Select your image
  • Click Insert
  • You will see &[Picture] in the Header.
Excel Watermark 5
Your Header screen without the watermark being shown

View Your Watermark

  • Tap anywhere outside the Header to see your watermark. Refer to following screenshot for my selection of a logo:
Excel Watermark 8
My Excel sheet with a logo as a watermark

Formatting Your Watermark

To format the image:

  • Tap anywhere outside the Header
  • Click Insert>Text>Header & Footer
  • Select Format Picture. You will see the following screen:
Excel Watermark 9
Resize your watermark

From here you can resize the image

  • Click the Picture tab
  • Select the Color box and change it to the Washout option
  • Click OK. This allows the background image to be less intrusive.
Excel Watermark 10
Using the Washout option

Refer below to my final capture of the watermark screen:

Excel Watermark 11
My final screen with the watermark background dimmed in order to see the cells contents
  • Save your spreadsheet and close or exit Excel

For a Microsoft Word look-a-like watermark, use the WordArt feature in Excel.

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