Using Zoom During the COVID-19 Outbreak

This is a summary of Zoom posts I have blogged about over the past few weeks. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are working from home using Zoom for video/audio conferencing. If you take some time, you can make the video meeting a smooth experience for all participants. The host of the Zoom meeting has the responsiblity to setup and run the meeting. By exploring the following blog posts, you can achieve your goal of hosting a successful meeting, making it easy for the participants to join the video conference and keeping the Zoom troll attacks at a minimum.

This if for a PCs and Macs browsers and smartdevices that support Zoom

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Following are my blog links for a Zoom video/audio meeting:

How to Setup Contacts in Zoom

How to Record a Zoom Meeting

How to Join a Zoom Meeting Without Installing the App

How to Hide and Unhide a Zoom Video

Nine Tips to Stabilize a Zoom Meeting


I love you addressed nearly every frustrating feature change I have! Thanks for sharing and educating me. 


I was just checking into the zoom meeting stuff. Thanks Raymond.

Debi Holcomb

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