How to Save your PDF to iPhone or iPad

As you are browsing the web, you may come across a PDF file you want to save for later viewing. Let’s examine how to do this.

This if for Apple iPhone and iPad

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While viewing the PDF file in Safari, tap on the Share button. The Share button resembles a rectangle with an up arrow. On an iPhone, the button will be at the bottom of the screen. For an iPad, the Share button is located just to the right of the browser’s address bar. See following image for the iPhone location:

PDF Save 0
The Share icon at bottom center of the screen

Ways to Save Your File

After tapping the Share button, you will see a list of ways to share or save the file, including sending the file to others by a text message or email. Refer to below image:

PDF Save 2
Ways to share your file

Swipe down the list to find the app you want to open with. See following image:

PDF Save 4
More ways to save your file. Showing the Save to Files option

Use Built-In Apps

You may want to chose the built-in apps like Books or Files. If you want to use Books, the file will be available in the Books app. If you chose Files, then chose your save location.

Use Outside Services

Some people prefer to save their file to an outside service like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. The choice is up to you.

My Example

For my example, I am saving the file using the Files option to the PDF folder on the iCloud Drive. Refer to below image:

PDF Save 5
Saveing the file to iCloud Drive using the PDF folder

Later, if you chose the Files app, you will see the PDF file you just downloaded; same for the Books app. See following image on my choosing the Files app:

Chosing the Files App

PDF Save 6
Getting ready to open the PDF file

As you have seen, you have a lot of choices, thanks to Apple engineers.

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