How to Add a Website on Your iPhone or iPad Home Screen

If you would like to access your favorite website from your iPhone or iPad Home screen (the first page), it’s easy to do. Using Safari, we can create a shortcut icon that allows you to just tap it to launch the site. It’s a handy way to speed up your iPhone or iPad experience. Note! The following guide is for an iPhone, but the steps are similar for an iPad.

This is for iPhone/iPad

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Four Easy Steps

First, open Safari and navigate to the website you would like to appear on your Home screen. After the site has loaded, tap near the bottom of your screen. Now, make sure you can see the navigation toolbar at the bottom, then tap the Share icon (the rectangle with an up arrow). Refer to below image:

iPhone Website icon 1
Selecting the Share icon

The Share menu will appear. Swipe down thru the list, then tap Add to Home Screen. See below image:

iPhone Website icon 2
Chosing the option to add to Home screen

The menu for Add to Home Screen will appear. From this menu, give a name to the web icon using the on-screen keyboard. Next, tap Add in upper right hand corner. See following image:

iPhone Website icon 1
Assigning a name to the icon

The icon for the website will appear on your Home screen. If the first page of your Home screen is full of icons, your newly created icon will be placed in the first available page. Now, when you tap on the shortcut icon, Safari will open and load the website. Refer to below image:

iPhone Website icon 4
Your website icon on your Home screen or first available page

About the Web Shortcut Icon

The website icon we created with Safari looks and behaves like a regular app icon on the iPhone’s or iPad’s Home screen. You can rearrange it along with other apps, add it to a folder or drag it to the Dock.

You might notice that some websites have Home screen icons that seem perfectly tailored to the iPhone or iPad interface. That’s because these sites specifically created an image for this purpose. Your iPhone or iPad will generate a tiny thumbnail of the website to use as its icon.

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