How to Use Smart Invert on iPhone

If you love Dark Mode but your favorite iPhone or iPad app or website does not support it, you can force a simulated Dark Mode everywhere using Apple’s built-in Smart Invert accessibility feature.

If you love Dark Mode but your favorite iPhone or iPad app or website does not support it, you can force a simulated Dark Mode everywhere using Apple’s built-in Smart Invert accessibility feature.

This is for the iPhone

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Defining Smart Invert

Smart Invert is an Apple accessibility feature that inverts the colors on your screen (like a negative image), but with a twist. It’s “smart” because it usually prevents images, videos, and some apps that are already dark-colored from getting inverted. It was designed for people with vision loss, low vision, or other vision issues that might benefit from an inverted screen but might not want to see inverted images.

How About Dark Mode

Apple’s system wide Dark Mode (first introduced in iOS 13) generally works well and is supported by a large number of iPhone and iPad apps, but some apps with largely white interfaces still do not support it. Also, if you want to browse the web at night without waking a sleeping buddy, Smart Invert keeps the light low.

Enabling Smart Invert

First, launch Settings (the gear icon). Refer to below image:

Invert 1
Accessing Settings

Now, navigate to the Accessibility option. See below image:

Invert 2
Accessing Accessibility option

Next, tap the Display & Text Size option. See following image:

Invert 3
Accessing Display & Text Size option

In its settings, scroll down until you see Smart Invert toggle. Tap it to turn it on. Your screen will immediately be inverted (a black screen). Refer to below image: (Note! This iPhone will not capture the inverted screen).

Invert 4
Enabling Smart Invert

Now, exit Settings and use your apps as usual.

Disable Smart Invert

If you want to to turn it off, revisit

Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Smart Invert

and toggle off the switch. Or you can use a shortcut. Let’s see how to setup a shortcut.

Use a Shortcut

Using a built-in feature called Accessibility Shortcut on your iPhone, you can triple-click your Home button (on older iPhones or your Side button on newer models) to quickly launch an accessibility function such as Smart Invert.

To set it up, launch Settings and navigate to Accessibility. Next, scroll down and tap Accessibility Shortcut. See below image:

Invert 5
Accessing Shortcut option

Now, you will see a list of Accessibility functions you can toggle with the shortcut. Tap Smart Invert then tap the Back button. See following image:

Invert 6
Enabling Smart Invert shortcut

Now, whenever you triple-click your Home or Side button (depending on which iPhone model you have), you will launch Smart Invert. If you triple-click it again, Smart Invert will turn off.

Use a Back Tap

Starting with iOS 14 and higher, if you have an iPhone 8 or above, you can use the Back Tap feature to toggle Smart Invert. To do so, go to

Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap

Now, select whether you want to trigger Smart Invert using a double-tap or triple-tap on the back of your iPhone. In the list of actions that appears, select Smart Invert. Refer to below image where we selected the triple-tap action:

Invert 7
Assigning Smart Invert option to Back Tap

Now, go back one screen and exit Settings. With Back Tap enabled, you can tap on the back of your iPhone two or three times to quickly turn Smart Invert on or off. That’s it. Please feel free to share this post! One way to share is via Twitter, as mentioned below.

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