How to Setup Automatic Birthday Reminders on iPhone

It is easy to setup birthday alerts on iPhone and make sure that you never forget birthdays of important people in your life.

It is easy to setup birthday alerts on iPhone and make sure that you never forget birthdays of important people in your life. You first need to tell your iPhone the birthday dates of your family members, friends, and relatives. This can be done using the Contacts app on iPhone, which allows you to add Birthdays and important dates in its Contact details section. Your iPhone can alert you on the day of the occasion, 1 day early, 2 days early or a week before the birthday.

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Couple of Prelimanary Steps

First, you must have notifications enabled for your Calendar app. To turn this on, visit:

Settings > Notifications > Calendar

scroll down and set the toggle beside Allow Notifications to On. Now, exit Settings. Refer to below image:

Calendar 1
Enabling Allow Notifications for Calendar app

Also, you will need to have some birthdays defined in your Contacts app. To do this, open Contacts, tap a contact from the list, and select Edit. Next, tap add birthday. See below image:

Calendar 2
Selecting Add a Birthday option to a Contact

Set a Birthday Notification

Now, exit Contacts. To turn on automatic Calendar birthday reminders, open Settings, scroll down and tap your Calendar app. See following image:

Calendar 3
Selecting your Calendar app

Next, in Calendar settings, tap Default Alert Times. Refer to below image:

Calendar 4
Selecting Default Alert Times option

Now, in Default Alert times, select Birthdays. See below image:

Calendar 5
Seledting the Birthdays option

Next, on the Birthdays screen, you can pick a time when Calendar will alert you about upcoming birthdays. You can choose On day of event, 1 day before, 2 days before, or 1 week before. For the first three of those choices, your Calendar app will notify you at 9 a.m. on the day you selected. See following image:

Calendar 6
Setting a time for the Birthday notification

Now, exit Settings. When the proper alert time comes, your Calendar app will send you a notification about the birthday. Refer to below image:

Calendar 7
A birthday reminder

Depending on your notifications settings, you can potentially see this alert on your Lock Screen or Notification Center as well as via pop-ups on your screen.

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