How to Turn On Safer Browsing in Google Chrome

Google has some built-in tools in Chrome that attempt to make browsing safer. Enhanced Safe Browsing is one such tool.

With Safe Browsing, you get alerts about malware, risky extensions, phishing, or sites on Google’s list of potentially unsafe sites.

Google has some built-in tools in Chrome that attempt to make browsing safer. Enhanced Safe Browsing is one such tool. Let’s explore how to turn on this feature.

This is for the desktop version of Chrome and Android. Screenshots are from Chrome on Windows 10.

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Enhanced Safe Browsing Explained

Safe Browsing is a list of dangerous URLs that is maintained by Google and used to protect users from malicious sites. Enhanced Safe Browsing builds upon this feature with some additional tools.

With Enhanced Safe Browsing enabled, Chrome shares even more browsing data with Google. This allows for threat assessments to be more accurate and proactive, though it does present a privacy concern in itself. You are letting Google monitor your browsing.

Per Google’s description, Enhanced Safe Browsing enables the following:

  • It predicts and warns you about dangerous events before they happen.
  • It keeps you safe on Chrome and may be used to improve your security in other Google apps when you are signed in.
  • It improves security for you and everyone on the web.
  • It warns you if passwords are exposed in a data breach.

Enable This Feature

The feature is available for Chrome on the desktop and Android. It is not available for iPhone and iPad. The process for enabling it is very similar on both platforms.

First, launch Chrome. Next, select the three-dot menu (the hamburger) icon in the top-right corner of Chrome. Now, choose Settings from the menu. Refer to below image:

Selecting Settings

Next, go to the Privacy and Security section. See below image:

Accessing Privacy and security option

Now, on the desktop, click Security. On the Android, it is called Safe Browsing. See following image:

Browsing 3
Accessing the Security option

Next, click or tap on the radio button to enable Enhanced protection. Refer to below image:

Enabling Enhanced protection

Now, exit Settings. You are finished. You will not notice anything different in your everyday browsing, but you will now have better protection. In the event that something is amiss, Google Chrome will give you a warning.

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