How to Reinstall Missing or Deleted Canned iPhone Apps

Every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch comes pre-loaded with a ton of useful apps from Apple, but sometimes those apps can go missing. If that happens, you may wonder where they went, why they disappeared, and how to get them back.

Every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch comes pre-loaded with a ton of useful apps from Apple, but sometimes those apps can go missing. If that happens, you may wonder where they went, why they disappeared, and how to get them back. Let’s explore how to do this.

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The apps that this can happen to include iTunes, FaceTime, Reminders, Stocks, Calendar, Music, Calculator, News, Notes, and many others; in fact 27 apps can be deleted. There are a number of possible reasons why an app has disappeared. It could have been moved or deleted. That’s obvious. Less obvious is that “missing” apps may still be on your device but have been hidden.

Find App Using Spotlight Searcn

First, before you try to reinstall a missing app, make sure that it’s not simply hiding on your device. On your Home screen, swipe downward with one finger near the middle of the screen, and your Spotlight Search bar will appear. Now, type in the name of the app to see whether its icon appears in the results. In our example, we are searching for the Stocks app. Although Stocks appears in the results list, it’s not the right icon. Refer to below image:

Apps 1
Using Spotlight Search

If you see the app in the results, then the app is installed. But where is it? It’s possible that you can not see it on a cluttered screen full of apps, or it might be hidden in a folder somewhere. Also, with iOS 14 and higher, the app could be in your App Library but not present on your Home screen.

Find App Using App Library

To check your App Library, swipe all the way to the left (to the last page) and look for it. In my case, it’s in the Recently Added box because I just added it in creating this blog post. See below image:

Apps 2
Using the App Librtary

Download App From App Store

If you do not see the app you are looking for in the Spotlight Search results or the App Library, then the app is not on your device. Fortunately, every removable iPhone app is available for free download again from the App Store. To get it back, open the App Store app. See following image:

Apps 3
Accessing the App Store

Next, when the App Store opens, type the name of the app you are looking for in the search bar and tap the Search button. Refer to below image:

Apps 4
Searching for the Stocks app

Some third-party apps have similar names to the built-in apps and may show up in the results. To confirm it’s the real app you are looking for, tap on its entry in the results list to see if it’s from Apple. See below image:

Apps 5
Finding the Stocks app

Now, the app you want will be free to download; you will see Apple’s iCloud download icon in the listing instead of a Get or Buy button. If you see an Open button, you already have the app on your device. See following image:

Apps 6
Download the Stocks app from iCloud

Check if App is From Apple

Next, when you are ready to download, just tap the iCloud download button and the app will be downloaded to your device. Once downloaded, you may ccheck if this is the correct app. Open the app and tap the blue link at the bottom labeled, in our example, About Stocks and Privacy… Refer to below image:

Apps 7
Check to see if we have the correct Stocks app

Now, read the verbage for mentioning of Apple. In the below image, a reference is made to Stocks are provided by Apple News:

Apps 8
Verifying the Stocks app is from Apple

Repeat the above process with any other missing Apple apps you want restored. Next, exit out of all open screens.

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