How to Add a Signature to Microsoft Word

Adding your signature into a Microsoft Word document is a way to put your own stamp on it and make it look official and professional.

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October 14, 2021

Adding your signature into a Microsoft Word document is a way to put your own stamp on it and make it look official and professional. Let’s explore how this is done.

This is for devices running Word. We are using Word for Microsoft 365 on Windows 10.

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There are several ways to add your signature to a Word document. You can add a signature line for a post-print signature, or insert your own handwritten signature as a picture.

Add a Signature Line

A Signature Line provides you, or somebody else, with a location to sign a printed document. If you are planning on printing your Word document, adding a Signature Line is probably the easiest way.

First, open a Word document. In the Text section, click

Insert > Signature Line

Refer to below image:

Signature 1
Selecting Signature Line option

Next, in the Signature Setup box that appears, fill out your signature details. You can include the name, title, and email address of the signer. This can be you or somebody else.

You can also provide instructions for the signer. Once you are ready, click OK to insert your Signature Line. See below image:

Signature 2
Setting up Signature details

Now, once you have confirmed your signature options, a Signature Line is inserted with a cross and a line to signify where to sign. See following image:

Signature 3
Your Signature Line

You can now drag-and-drop this into an appropriate position within your Word document. The document can then be signed at this position after printing.

Add a Picture Signature

If you would prefer to use your handwritten signature, you can take a picture or scan a copy of it and upload it to your computer. You can then insert a picture of your signature into the Word document.

First, place your cursor where you want to locate the signature, preferably just below the Signature Line box.

To insert the image into your document, click

Insert > Pictures > This Device

Your File Explorer will open for you to choose your signature image, then click Insert. Highlight your Signature Line box, and click the Layout Options icon. From here, choose the Layout Option, In Front of Text.

Signature 4
Selecting In Front of Text for Layout Option

Next, drag-and-drop your signature picture onto the Signature Line. See below image:

Signature 5
Your final result

Optionally, following the above steps, you could add a photo below or to the side of your Signature Line box.

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