How to Upload a Smartphone Video to YouTube

Do you have videos on your smartphone that you want to upload to YouTube but not sure how to do this? If you have recorded videos with your smartphone, you can upload them directly to your YouTube channel from your iPhone or Android device.

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October 27, 2021

Do you have videos on your smartphone that you want to upload to YouTube but not sure how to do this? If you have recorded videos with your smartphone, you can upload them directly to your YouTube channel from your iPhone or Android device. Let’s see how this is done.

This is for iPhone and Android

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First, to upload a video to YouTube from your iPhone or Android device, you will need the official YouTube app on your phone. Download and install the app on your iPhone or Android device, if you have not already done so. To search for the app on an iPhone, go to your very first screen, the Spotlight Search, and type in “YouTube” to locate the app.

Uploading a Video

Next, launch the YouTube app on your phone and log in to your YouTube (Google) account. Then, from the bar at the bottom of the app, select the “+” (plus) sign. Refer to below image:

YouTube 1
Accessing the Add icon

Now, YouTube will open a Create menu. Select Upload a video from this menu. Note! If you want to make a YouTube Short, tap the Create a Short option, or, to stream a video, tap the Go live option. See below image:

YouTube 2
Selecting to Upload a video

Next, you will see an Upload screen that displays all your phone’s videos. Here, tap the video that you would like to upload to YouTube. Then, when the video begins to play, tap NEXT at the top-right corner of the app. See following image:

YouTube 3
Your Video to upload

Add Details

Now, you are on the Add details screen. Here, tap the Title field and enter a title for your video. Then tap Public to choose who can watch your video on YouTube. Refer to below image:

YouTube 4
Add some details about your Video

Set Visibility, Schedule, and Audience

Next, on the Set Visibility screen, select one of these visibility options for your video:

  • Public: This allows anyone on YouTube to watch your video.
  • Unlisted: With this option, only the people you share your video’s link with can watch the video.
  • Private: Only you and the people you choose can watch the video.

Now, tap Schedule to release your video on YouTube at a specific time. See below image:

YouTube 5
Selecting who can see your Video

Set your date then tap OK. See following image:

YouTube 6
Selecting the Video scheduled date

Set your time then tap OK. Refer to below image:

YouTube 7
Selecting the Video scheduled time

Your scheduled release of the video is displayed. See below image:

YouTube 8
Your Video release date and time

Next, tap the Select audience option. See following image:

YouTube 9
Selecting your Audience

If your video is meant for kids, select the Yes, it’s made for kids option. Otherwise, select the No, it’s not made for kids option. If you choose the No… option, you can specify further options by tapping Age restriction (advanced). Next, at the top-right corner of the app, tap Upload (not shown). Refer to below image where we selected the video is made for kids:

YouTube 10
Selecting who is your Audience

Edit Your Video Details

Your video will begin to upload to YouTube. When that’s done, go to Library > Your videos section of the YouTube app. Then, tap the video 3 dots menu button. Now, tap Edit to open the Edit Details screen and make any changes. When you are finished, tap Save. See below image:

YouTube 12
Edit your Video details

Your Videos Listing

Next, access Your videos section to see your uploaded video. See following image:

YouTube 13
Your recently uploaded Video

And that’s how you begin your journey of becoming a YouTuber!

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