In this time of “stay at home” due to the Coronavirus, here are some tough trivia questions for adults and kids. No cheating by looking at the below answers or researching on the Internet.

Technology – Part 1

  1. When did the mouse first appear for the desktop?
  2. What computer chip manufacturer slapped Intel with an antitrust suit, claming the company had swiped its technology to design the Pentium Pro?
  3. What company altered the Handycam after its infrared “Nightshot” feature was found to see through clothes during the day?
  4. What is the generic term for the mechanical, electrical and electronic components of a computer?
  5. What movie did Apple use to hype its new QuickTime format, sparking a net-clogging 25 million downloads of the trailer?
  6. What computer was introduced in 1984 Super Bowl ads?
  7. What colorful operating system was distributed by computer outfits named Red Hat and Yellow Dog?
  8. Which renowned company based out of California made significant contributions to modern-day computing by inventing laser printing, Ethernet, and the graphical user interface (GUI) paradigm, among other things?
  9. What communications giant owned Palm Computing when it produced the first handheld with integrated wireless Internet connectivity?
  10. In mobile phone technology, what does S.M.S. stand for?


Technology – Part 1

  1. January 1983
  2. Digital Equipment Corporation
  3. Sony
  4. Hardware
  5. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
  6. The Macintosh
  7. Linux
  8. PARC (Palo Alto Research Center, Inc.), formerly Xerox PARC It was founded in 1970, and incorporated as a separate company (wholly owned by Xerox) in 2002. Xerox has been heavily criticized (particularly by business historians) for failing to properly commercialize and profitably exploit PARC’s innovations. The work at PARC in the years since the early 1980s is often overlooked, but major work since then includes ubiquitous computing, aspect-oriented programming, and IPv6.
  9. 3com
  10. Short Messaging Service

If you scored a perfect 10, you are or should be in the Information Technology industry.

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