How to Print Using iPhone or iPad

To print from your iPhone or iPad, find the print button in the app you are using and select your printer’s name in the print options.

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RAYMOND OGLESBY @RaymondOglesby2
February 28, 2023

To print from your iPhone or iPad, find the print button in the app you are using and select your printer’s name in the print options. If your printer does not appear automatically, it probably does not support AirPrint, in which case you can usually connect using your printer manufacturer’s app instead. Let’s check this out.

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Print Using AirPrint

AirPrint is Apple’s easy-to-use wireless printing protocol. It requires next to no setup, provided your printer is powered on and connected to the same wireless network as your iPhone or iPad.

Many printers now come with AirPrint as standard, especially since we increasingly use our mobile devices for all manner of tasks. If you are not sure if your printer has AirPrint, you can try printing anyway and see what happens. The printer should just show up if you satisfy the requirements.

Our HP Inkjet network printer is over 5 years old and it supports AirPrint.

First, to print from your iPhone or iPad using AirPrint, select Print in whatever app you are using. Refer to the below image for selecting to print from the Notes app:

iPhone Print 1
Selecting the Print option

This is often hidden under the Share menu, as is the case in apps like Safari and Notes. Just tap the Share icon. See the below image on printing from the Notes app:

iPhone Print 0
Selecting the Share option

This is not the case for all apps. For example, in Reminders, you will need to tap the “…” icon.

Next, tap on Printer to show a list of nearby printers you can use. If your printer supports AirPrint and has been set up correctly, it should show under this menu. Tap on a printer to select it. See the following image:

iPhone Print 2
Selecting your printer

Now, you may see a notice about the app you are using wanting permission to search for devices on your local network. Allow this when prompted. (And if you are having trouble, head to the app preferences under Settings and make sure the Local Network toggle is ON).

Next, with your printer selected, you can change print preferences by choosing how many copies, whether to print in black and white or color, whether to use double-sided printing if available, plus specify the paper size currently loaded in the printer. You may also get additional settings for Media & Quality and Layout depending on your model. Refer to the below image:

iPhone Print 4
Selecting your print options

Now, hit Print in the top right-hand corner of the screen to send your job to your printer. You can also use the Share button next to it to save to Files or to a PDF version of your file locally if you would like. See the below image:

iPhone Print 5
Selecting to print your file

Print Without AirPrint

Just because your printer does not have AirPrint does not mean you can not print wirelessly. Many printers include wireless functionality but lack support for Apple’s AirPrint protocol.

Print Using the Manufacturer’s App

If you have a printer that’s Wi-Fi enabled but lacks AirPrint, there’s a good chance that wireless printing is supported using an app. You can usually search the web for your printer’s model to see whether this feature is supported.

Then it’s simply a case of downloading an app like HP Smart, Canon PRINT, Epson iPrint, Brother iPrint&Scan on your device and following the instructions. Some of these apps have the added benefit of remote printing over the internet, which allows you to send a job to your printer at home regardless of where you are.

Purchase a Printer That Supports AirPrint

If you still need a printer, particularly one you can use with your iPhone or iPad, it’s worth investing in something that makes your life a little easier. For the most part, AirPrint “just works” over the local wireless network and allows you (and your guests to print wirelessly whenever you are within range.

When choosing a printer do not only consider the price of the unit itself but also the cost of the refills over the life of the product. You may find that refills cost more than a printer.


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