How to Dry a Wet Kindle

You might have noticed Kindle ads feature waterproof Kindles now. Want to know if your model is beach-and-bath friendly and how to dry a wet one?

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RAYMOND OGLESBY @RaymondOglesby2
May 2, 2023

You might have noticed Kindle ads feature waterproof Kindles now. Want to know if your model is beach-and-bath friendly and how to dry a wet one? Here’s what you need to know.

This is for the Amazon Kindle

Is My Kindle Waterproof

First, a word on the concept of waterproof gadgets is in order.

No gadget is truly waterproof in the sense that it is completely impervious to the effects of water exposure. Gadgets are never waterproof but merely water resistant, and the degree to how resistant they are is spelled out by the ingress protection (IP) rating they qualified for. Those ratings range from the equivalent of “Yeah, you can wear it in the rain” to “Sure, wear it while you go scuba diving.”

In the case of the Kindle models that have a water resistance rating, they have a rating of IPX8. That means the manufacturer has tested the product and asserts it can withstand continuous immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter (3.28 feet) or greater for a period specified by the manufacturer.

The water-resistant Kindles resist water ingress for up to 60 minutes in fresh water up to 2 meters deep (6.56 feet) and up to 3 minutes in salt water up to 0.25 meters (0.82 feet) deep. Amazon does not specify chlorinated water conditions in its documentation, but we recommend you treat it like salt water, as chlorine is corrosive.

Models That Are Water Resistant

As of early 2023, the following Kindle models are water-resistant with an IPX8 rating. We have noted the version of the Kindles listed below using both the generation and iteration terminology Amazon uses. Generation refers to the broader Kindle family, and iteration refers to the version of that particular model.

  • The Kindle Oasis — 8th Generation/2nd Iteration (2017) and up.
  • The Kindle Paperwhite — 10th Generation/4th Iteration (2018) and up.
  • The Kindle Paperwhite, Signature Edition— 10th Generation/1st Iteration (2021) and up.

If you have any other model of Kindle or you have an older version of the models listed above (such as the first version of the Kindle Oasis) your Kindle is not water-resistant. If your model is not listed here, it does not have an IPX8 rating and should not be exposed to water in any form without a suitably water-resistant protective case or enclosure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Dry

You can wipe your Kindle off with a clean, dry towel to take care of light freshwater splashes. If your Kindle ends up fully dunked in the water or anything is spilled on it, there are a few extra steps and precautions, however.

After freshwater submersion, retrieve the Kindle, wipe it down, remove the case (if applicable), and then allow it to dry fully before using the USB port. It’s recommended to dry your Kindle in an upright position with the USB port tilted down to allow the water to exit the port fully.

If your Kindle is submerged in salt water, chlorinated pool water or another liquid is spilled on it (such as soda), you should remove the case and gently rinse your Kindle with fresh water immediately after exposure to the liquids.

If your Kindle is not a water-resistant model, you should dry the Kindle as thoroughly as possible and put the Kindle in a warm, dry place, preferably with a desiccant to accelerate the drying process.

Do not use high-pressure water like the sprayer on a sink. Just run cool fresh water over the Kindle until it is fully rinsed. Then wipe it dry with a clean towel and let it fully dry before using the USB port.

Will My Kindle Stop Working

It depends. Typically IP ratings and manufacture claims are fairly conservative, so if you exceed them a little bit, your device should survive the experience.

There would be a good chance if your Kindle slipped off the pool float you were napping on and sunk to the bottom of the shallow end of your pool that it would survive longer than an hour. Though that’s certainly not recommended, you should consider yourself lucky if you wake up from your pool nap with a functional Kindle.

Also, note that we said the shallow end of the pool. Water pressure increases substantially with depth, and finding your lost Kindle sitting covered in a half inch of rainwater in a serving tray beside your pool is a much different story than it spending the night at the bottom of the deep end.

On the other hand, it’s unlikely your Kindle would survive an extended dunk in the ocean (even if it was just sitting in the shallows along the surf line) because salt water is far more corrosive.

My Kindle Dropped In a Hot Tub

Water temperature plays a role in how well water resistance works. IP ratings are based on room temperature or colder water. Hot water increases the chance of water ingress. So if you drop your Kindle into your hot tub and do not immediately retrieve it, there’s a much higher chance the seals will fail, and water will get inside your Kindle.

There’s no need to stress about hot tub water splashing on it or even accidentally dropping it in for a moment, but it’s best not to let your Kindle be exposed to hot water of any kind.

My Kindle Is Not Water Resistant

You can pick up a small dry-bag case for your Kindle if you are worried about it getting splashed at the pool or want to read in the tub. But, having used such cases in the past, we are not big fans as they really diminish the Kindle experience.

It makes it harder to use the screen, and the shiny plastic has so much glare compared to the nice matte screen of the Kindle. We would recommend just upgrading your Kindle if you have an older model. The newer models are a significant upgrade over the older ones and you will gain that nice IPX8 rating.


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