How to Locate a Lost iPhone

Did you recently obtain a new iPhone? Are you concerned about losing the device? Apple owners can find the device with the Find My app for iOS 13 and above or Find My iPhone for older iOS. We are going to use iCloud to tract down your device.

Before your iPhone goes missing, there are a few options to turn on. For iOS 13+, do the following:

  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on <Your Name>
  • Tap on Find My
  • Tap on Find My iPhone
  • Enable all three slider controls by tap and hold, then slide until the option is lit (highlighted in green)

For older iOS, tap on Settings, <Your Name>, iCloud, Find My iPhone and enable all three slider controls

Your screen should look like the image below:

Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone Screenshot

First, using another device, try calling your number. If that doesn’t work, lets try using your browser to locate your device.

Once again, the following is for iOS 13+. The steps are similar for older iOS.

  • Start your browser and go to
  • If you don’t have an iCloud account, you can download iCloud for Windows
  • Signin using your Apple ID and password

Your screen should look like the below image:

Signin to iCloud
Signin to iCloud
  • Click the Find iPhone icon
  • Select the All Devices drop down box at the top of the screen and find your iPhone
  • Select your iPhone on the map, its a green dot

Your results should look like the below image:

iCloud Results
Screenshot of my iPhone location

You now have three options:

  1. Play Sound on your iPhone
  2. Place the iPhone in Lost Mode which locks the iPhone so no one can access it. If someone finds its, the device will display your contact information.
  3. Erase iPhone. Please do not do this unless all hope is gone of recovering the device. Once the iPhone is erased, all personal information is gone. Your device can no longer be tracked through the app.

Locate Other Lost Devices

You may want to find any lost device like Airpods, headphones, Fitbit tracker, Apple Pencil, iPad, Apple Watch and others. As of this post, Wunderfind is a free iPhone app from the Apple Store. It is worth a look. Click here for a preview.

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