Nine Tips to Stablize a Zoom Meeting

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Internet trolls are crashing Zoom video conferences and flooding them with inappropriate content. Here are some ways to stablize your meetings and keep Zoom running smoothly.

This if for a PCs and Macs browsers and smartdevices that support Zoom

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1. Close All Running Apps

Before you start your video conference call or join the on-line meeting, save your work and close all running apps. Too many open apps will slow down your computer while you’re on a video call. This is because the call requires a lot of resources, especially if you’re on a lightweight laptop.

2. Check the Speed of Your Browser

Before your call, use a speed test tool, like or, to test your internet speed. If you’re not getting enough speed, move closer to your Wi-Fi router or try some other tips to boost your Wi-Fi signal. You can also use one of these tools to speed up your internet connection. Minimum bandwidth is 600 Kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). You may need to call your internet service provider and/or upgrade your equipment, which would be the best choice, if your equipment does not meet the minimum.

If you run both programs, you will notice a signifance difference in the speed test. This is due to the time of day you run the test, servers they are using and its location. Hopefully, your equipment exceeds the minimum speed for a Zoom meeting.

Below are my results in running Speedtest for Windows (Note that I greatly exceed the minimum):

Zoom Tips Speedtest 2
Results in running SpeedTest on my browser

3. Test Your Audio and Video

You can also launch a test Zoom meeting anytime at  This will launch a meeting where you are the only participant (you can invite others).  This option lets you test your audio and video even if you don’t have the Zoom app installed.

See the article Joining A Test Meeting in the Zoom Help Center for more information about using the using the Zoom Test Meeting feature.

4. Mute Yourself When Not Speaking

When you’re in a video meeting with a lot of participants, it’s best to keep yourself muted. Only unmute yourself when you need to speak.

This eliminates any background noise on your end. Also, if anyone walks in the room and starts talking while you’re on a call, you won’t have to rush to find the mute button.

5. Never Use Your Personal Meeting ID

Each Zoom user has a personal meeting ID; think of it as your Zoom phone number. When creating a meeting, you can use your personal ID or generate a random one. You should always generate a random meeting ID.

If your personal meeting ID is leaked to the web, Zoom trolls are free to harass you with calls whenever they please. 

6. Always Use a Meeting Password

For a video meeting other than a large classroom, town hall or lecture meeting, passwords should be turned on. 

Make sure the password is kept safe. Zoom sends meeting passwords out to all invitees when invitations are sent. If you’re worried that someone unwanted may get the password, create the meeting without one set, update the meeting to add a password and send it out to invitees in a separate email or via another form of communication.

7. Set Join the Waiting Room Option

When you enable the waiting room for a Zoom meeting, each user who connects is put in a queue that the meeting host has to approve. If you don’t recognize someone in the waiting room, simply don’t let them in.

To enable this feature, navigate to Settings > In Meeting (Advanced), scroll down till you see the following option and toggle it to the On position. See below image:

Zoom Web Meeting 5
Setting Join Waiting Room option

8. Set Meeting Options

Under Meetings > Schedule a Meeting, set the following options:

  1. Video > Host to On
  2. Video > Participant to Off especially if your participates are using older equipment
  3. Audio set to Both
  4. Meeting Options set Emable waiting room to On. Set Record the meeting automatically on the local computer should only be set to On for the host. You don’t want each particpant to be recording and viewing at the same time. If a participate wants a recording, the host can send the video via email or some other form of communication.
  5. Always Save you changes. Refer to following image:
Zoom Web Meeting 6
Setting other options

9.Turn Off Screen Sharing

Zoom trolls need to be able to visually take over a meeting to be effective. Preventing anyone from sharing their screen aside from the meeting host stops them from being able to go on the attack.

Under Settings > In Meeting (Basic), scroll down till you see the Show Zoom windows during screen share and set the following options:

  1. Screen sharing, toggle to On
  2. Who can share, toggle Host Only to On
  3. Who can share when someone else is sharing, toggle Host Only to On
  4. Always Save your changes. Refer to below image:
Zoom Meeting 7A
Setting screen share option

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