How to Use the PC Audit and Speccy Programs

Along with using the program Belarc Adivsor for a software inventory of your PC; there are two programs I recommend for a hardware inventory.

One is the freeware program called PC Audit; a system, hardware and software information tool. It extracts details of all components of the PC, shows installed software with version and product key. The free PC Audit does not require installation and can be used as a portable application. It can be run from a removable storage device such as a CD-ROM drive, USB flash drive or flash card.

This professional tool is designed to collect and present the maximum amount of information possible about your computer’s hardware and software which makes them suitable for users searching for driver updates, computer manufacturers, system integrators and technical experts as well.

The program is compatible with: from Windows NT up to Windows 10 and the Mac

Just click here to download PC Audit. Then click the Free Download button. You can either save the executable file to your download folder or just click the executable file (located in the lower left hand corner of your browser) to run. The program will present your machine’s hardware as shown below:

PC Audit Results
PC Audit Snapshot

In my limited research, I only found a trial network version for a hardware inventory of a Mac. You can check it out here.

The other program is also a free program called Speccy. (Their is a Pro version available for a price.) Speccy is the place to start if you need to know what’s inside your PC. See a quick summary, or dive deeper into every aspect of your PCs hardware so you can make informed upgrade and purchasing decisions.

Speccy gives you detailed information on every piece of hardware in your computer. Save time trawling through your computer for stats like CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics cards and more. See everything laid out for you in one clean interface.

Speccy allows you to save your scan results directly as a snapshot, XML or text file for easy sharing. Handy for making sure your new computer has the right specs, or if tech support need to diagnose an issue with your computer.

My favorite of these two programs is Speccy. The program is from the same company that makes CCleaner discussed in an earlier post.

System requirements:

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, but not RT tablet editions.


Click here to download Speccy; then click on the Download Free Version button. The screen will scroll to the bottom. Just click on the Free Download button. Finally, click on the Download button for the free version. They go through all these hoops in an attempt to get you to buy the Pro version.

The company does not have a Mac version but there are alternatives. Click here for the Mac downloads.

To install, click on the executable file in the lower left hand of your browser and follow the install instructions. A shortcut will be installed on your desktop. Once installed, click on Run Speccy button as shown below:

Speccy Install
Speccy Run screen

Viewing Speccy Results

Below is an actual screenshot of my Dell XPS hardware:

Speccy Results
Speccy snapshot of my PC

From the Main Menu, click on File for loading, saving, publishing, etc a snapshot of your results. You can save the results to a XML or text file.

Just click on the various menu options to expand that section. Check on the CPU option to see how “Hot” your PC is running or the RAM option to see what brand and type of memory modules are installed. You may want to upgrade or add more RAM. The items in blue and the little blue arrows are expandable; just click on them to see more or less detail.

I Would Like to Hear from You

Please feel free to leave a comment about using these programs. I would love hearing from you. Do you have a computer tech question? I will do my best to answer your inquiry. Please mention the app and version that you are using. To help me out, you can send screenshots of your data related to your question.


Using Belarc Advisor for software inventory

How to Use the Belarc Advisor Program

Many years ago I ran across this funny name program called Belarc Advisor. As an IT consultant, this program helped me a lot in ascertaining what hardware and software was installed on a machine.

The Belarc Advisor program is a free download licensed for personal use at home or work on a standalone machine. (Their is a network version for a price.) The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, local network inventory, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, security benchmarks and displays the results in a Web browser. Sorry, their is no free Mac version but you can find alternatives, just click here.

Belarc Advisor excels at providing those hard to find product keys or serial numbers for your installed programs.

Belarc products are used world wide in over 50 million computers. All of the profile information is kept private on your computer and is not sent to any web server. Some requirements are as follows:

  • Operating Systems: Runs on Windows 10, 2016, 8.1, 2012 R2, 8, 2012, 7, 2008 R2, Vista, 2008, 2003 SP2, XP SP3. Both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows are supported. Their commercial products also run on all other versions of Windows and on the Macintosh OS X, Linux, and Solaris operating systems.
  • Browsers: Runs on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and many others.


  1. Download your copy of Belarc Advisor.
  2. Either save the installer executable file to your download folder and run from there or click the file located in the lower left hand corner to install.
  3. You may get a popup dialog box about Windows is protecting your PC. If so, click on the More Info link then click Run anyway.
  4. Follow the install instructions.
  5. Click Yes to check for new Advisor definitions. When finished, click OK.
  6. Advisor will now build a profile of your machine and check your local network.
  7. A profile will be presented in your browser as noted in below screenshot:
Belarc Advisor Results
Partial snapshot of my Dell XPS machine using Belarc Advisor

Your Machine Profile Results

  1. In the upper left hand corner is a menu for the sections of the profile. Just click on one or scroll.
  2. Under the section Software Versions and Usage, you can click on the “i” for details.
  3. Your product keys are in the Software Licenses section. These are the ones the program was able to find.
  4. Pay attention to the Virus Protection, Missing Security Updates and Installed Microsoft Hotfixes sections to see if your machine is up-to-date.
  5. Since the profile is presented in your browser, you can right click anywhere and select Print to print the results.

You may be surprised at all the hardware and software installed on your machine.

My next post will deal with a detailed hardware inventory. Belarc Advisor is mainly for a listing of your installed software.

I Would Like to Hear from You

Please feel free to leave a comment about using Belarc Advisor. I would love hearing from you. Do you have a computer tech question? I will do my best to answer your inquiry. Please mention the app and version that you are using. To help me out, you can send screenshots of your data related to your question.


Using PC Audit and Speccy for hardware inventory

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