How to Convert JPG/PNG Image to PDF on Desktop

Got a JPG/PNG image file you need to convert to PDF? You can use Windows 10 or 11’s built-in PDF Printer to make a PDF out of your JPG/PNG images.

Got a JPG/PNG image file you need to convert to PDF? You can use Windows 10 or 11’s built-in PDF Printer to make a PDF out of your JPG/PNG images. Let’s explore this nifty feature.

This is for devices running Windows 10 or 11

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How the Conversion Works

Both Windows 10 and 11 have a virtual PDF Printer. When you print something from an app with this printer, the printer turns that file into a PDF file. You can then save the resulting PDF file anywhere on your computer.

You will use this virtual printer to turn your JPG/PNG image into a PDF file. After saving it, you can email it, upload it to the cloud, or print a physical copy.

Convert the Image

The steps to convert JPG/PNG to PDF on both Windows 10 and 11 are pretty much the same.

First, open the folder where your JPG/PNG image is in a File Explorer window. If you are on Windows 10, right-click the image and select Print. If you are on Windows 11, right-click the image and choose

Show More Options > Print.

Refer to the below image:

Selecting the Print option

Next, a Print Pictures window will open. In this window, select the virtual PDF Printer by clicking the Printer drop-down menu and choosing Microsoft Print to PDF. Specify the paper size by clicking the Paper Size drop-down menu and selecting an option. To change the quality of the output PDF file, click the Quality drop-down menu and select an option. See the below image:

Setting the Print Pictures options

Now, on the Print Pictures window’s right sidebar, you have options to change how your JPG/PNG image appears in the PDF. Click an option in this sidebar to view its preview on the left. See the following image:

Selecting the Layout

Next, at the bottom of the window, specify how many pages you want in your PDF using the Copies of Each option. To make your photo fit the PDF, enable the Fit Picture to Frame option. Click Print to start making your PDF file. Refer to the below image:

Selecting other p[topms

Now, Windows will open a Save Print Output As window. Here, select the folder to save your PDF file. Click the File name field and type a name for your PDF. Then click Save. See the below image:

Selecting a location and file name

Next, to access your newly created PDF, open the folder where you saved it, and you will see the PDF version of your JPG/PNG image there, ending in “.pdf”. See the following image:

Locating your saved PDF file

Now, click or double-click the file to open. Refer to the below image for our final PDF file of Beautiful Lady:

Your PDF file

That’s all there is to converting JPG/PNG to PDF using the built-in option on Windows 10 and 11.

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