How to Setup Contacts in Zoom

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Is your business using Zoom for collaboration during the Coronavirus outbreak? Zoom has become a key tool for working at home and a top choice for vittual meetings. Zoom is free for one-on-one calls that last as long as you like. For three or more people, your calls are limited to 40 minutes. Zoom also has a paid version for an enterprise; it can handle 1000 people.There’s also a plan for small and medium businesses that supports up to 300 participates per call..

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Zoom Meeting’s free account is generous. You can host up to 100 people on a call for free and you can see as many as 49 people on an active call in a gallery-style view. There’s no limit on how many meetings you can host. 

So, how do we setup our contacts with coworkers using Zoom? In this post we offer insight on how to do this.

This post is for Windows 7 or greater, iPhone or iPad with iOS 7 or later, Android 4 or greater, Web browsers, Macs and the Zoom app or program

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Before you Begin

Of course, you have already setup the app. Linking to other people in Zoom is necessary before you can call them. A person has to be added to your Zoom contacts list and they have to add you before a call is made.

Zoom contacts are separate from Outlook and other contacts list.

Zoom links people by matching email addresses. Some people have multiple email addresses; for example, personal and work or different ones for different purposes or multiple old email addresses.

Which Email Address to Use?

Before adding a person to your contacts list it’s a good idea to check with them on which email address they use to login to Zoom.

To check, they can click on their Zoom Profile in the top right where their name and address is displayed. Refer to below image:

Zoom Contacts 1
Locate the correct email address

Invite a Contact

To link with someone, in the Zoom app, go to the Contacts section, then click the plus “+ “symbol. See following image:

Zoom Contacts 2
Linking a Zoom contact

Enter the email address of the contact you want to add to Zoom. See below image:

Zoom Contacts 3
Adding a Zoom contact

Then you have two options:

  1. Add Contact – sends a contact request to that person’s Zoom account.
  2. Copy Invitation – copies to your clipboard with web link.  Paste that into an email or instant message.

Refer to below image:

Zoom Contacts 4
Web address for the Zoom contact

There is no need to paste the entire text, change it to suit you. The web link is the important part to pass along. Make sure you include the whole web link; it’s a long link using multiple lines.

Accept a Contact Request

If a participate adds you to their Zoom contact list, you’ll see a pop-up alert. See following image:

Zoom Contacts 5
Pop-up box for a contact request

Or open your Zoom app/web page. Under Contacts look at Contact Requests.  The request will be displayed with options to Accept or Decline. Refer to below image:

Zoom Contacts 6
Accept or Decline a contact request

As you can see above, the Contact Requests you’ve made will also appear with their current status.

What to Do Next?

Now that you’ve linked with someone on Zoom, you can call them (voice, video, text, etc). If someone wants to invite you into a Zoom meeting, give them you Zoom linked email address.

That’s it on setting up your Zoom contacts. Try it out.

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