How to Add Slide Numbers to Your PowerPoint Presentation

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In PowerPoint, it’s hard to remember what slide number you are presenting. As an aid, we can add the slide number to our slides.

One way, we could manually add a number using a text box. But what if you added or deleted a slide? This would require you to manually update your slide numbers; a time consuming and error prone task.

Instead, you can have the slide numbers update automatically on all your hidden and active slides. By default, your slide numbers appear in your slide footer, but you can move and format them.

This is for PowerPoint for Office 365 Windows and Mac versions. Other versions of PowerPoint will be similar.

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Adding Slide Numbers

Open a PowerPoint presentation with several slides to see the feature. Click the Insert tab. In the Text section, click the Header & Footer icon. See below image:

PowerPoint Slide Numbers 1
Text dialog box

The Header & Footer options box will open. Refer to below image:

PowerPoint Slide Numbers 2
Slide Header and Footer options

Under the Slide option, place a check in the Slide number checkbox. To add your slide number to all of your slides, select Apply to All button. Refer to below image:

PowerPoint Slide Numbers 3
Checkmarking the Slide Number option

Your slide number will appear in the bottom right corner. Note! The number place holder will be small. See following image:

PowerPoint Slide Numbers 4
Sliode Number placeholder

Remove Slide Numbers

To remove your slide numbers, follow the steps above. In the Header & Footer options options box, simply uncheck the Slide number checkbox. Then click Apply to All button. Your slide numbers will be removed.

Format Slide Numbers

We are going to use PowerPoint Slide Master to make the slide number in a different font, color, size or position.

To do this, click View from the main menu, then select Slide Master. This will load the Slide Master editing box. You will see the slide number box in its default position at the bottom right section of the slide. See following image:

PowerPoint Slide Numbers 5
Accessing the Slide Master

Note! You could add a text box with the word “Slide” next to the slide number; this is not shown.

When you move or apply a different font, size or color, it will apply to all your slides.

To edit the text box, select the box then select the Home tab. See below image:

PowerPoint Slide Numbers 6
Selecting the Home tab for editing

Then you can use the available options in the Font and Paragraph sections to format the number like choosing Bold, Underline, etc. I have set the number to be Bold and made the font size bigger. See below image:

PowerPoint Slide Numbers 7
Editing the Slide Number placeholder

Once you have finished editing, return back to the Slide Master tab and click Close Master View button. Refer to below image:

PowerPoint Slide Numbers 8
Closing the Slide Master

Be sure to Save your presentation with the automatic slide numbering feature.


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