How to Remove Annoying Ads on Windows 10

Microsoft continues to double down on its most annoying feature by keeping advertisements inside Windows 10 (and adding even more to Windows 11). Let’s explore how to remove

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February 21, 2023

Microsoft continues to double down on its most annoying feature by keeping advertisements inside Windows 10 (and adding even more to Windows 11). Let’s explore how to remove these ads.

Thankfully, most of these ads have a Settings menu. (The same goes for the ads in Windows 11).

This is for devices running Windows 10. Screenshots are from Windows 10

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You may have to check Settings from time to time to ensure everything is still how you want it as Windows updates add more ads. The steps below may not remove everything but should tone things down to some extent.

Remove Ads from Start Menu

First, you can turn these ads off if you head to the:

Settings > Personalization > Start

and toggle OFF the Show suggestions occasionally in the Start option. Refer to the below image:

Ads 1
Remove Start Menu ads

Next, if you have a problem with any of the Live Tiles on your Start screen, some of which are pre-installed junk or trials, you can right-click on the one that’s bugging you, Just hover over the More option, and choose turn Live Tile to OFF. That way, it will merely act as a shortcut to the app. Or you can right-click on it to choose Uninstall to remove the app entirely.

Block Tips and suggestions From Lock Screen

First, to remove these tips and suggestions, head to

Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen

and set your background to Picture or Slideshow. Here, you can then toggle OFF for Get fun facts, tips, and more… See the below image:

Ads 2
Remove Tips and Suggestions ads

Remove Ads From Taskbar and Action Center

First, you can get rid of these ads by going to

Settings > System > Notifications & Actions

and unchecking Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows.

Next, you may also want to untick the Show me the Windows welcome experience… option here, which shows those annoying tours after you update Windows, as well as the Suggest ways I can finish setting up my device

Now, toggle OFF any manufacturer-installed apps that may be sending them, such as Lenovo Vantage on Lenovo ThinkPads. (You could also uninstall them entirely; just make sure they do not provide some useful features you want, (like updating certain drivers.) See the following image:

Ads 3
Remove Taskbar and Action Center ads

Remove Ads From File Explorer

First, you can get rid of these space-wasting suggestions by clicking

View > Options in File Explorer, then click the View tab in the window that appears.

Next, scroll. down to Show sync provider notifications and uncheck that box. That should prevent ads from showing up in File Explorer again. Refer to the below image:

Ads 4
Remove File Explorer ads

Remove Targeted Advertising

Windows gives you an Advertising ID that it uses to track your interests and serve you more relevant ads within apps. While you are turning OFF all of Windows’ built-in ads, you may want to turn this setting OFF as well.

First, head to

Settings > Privacy > General

and toggle OFF the Let apps use advertising ID…, if you would rather have non-targeted ads. See the below image:

Ads 5
Remove Targeted ads

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