Want to Fix Your Crooked iPhone Photos?

Your photos are off center and you want to fix one or more. The Apple iOS 13 photo editor can straighten a photo. But what if you want more control over the photo. I am going to introduce to you to a free third party app called Snapseed from Google.

This is for iOS devices iPhone and iPad

  • Either take a crooked photo or select one that you want to fix. See my following crooked photo:
iPhone Crocked Photo Cropped 1
My crooked iPhone photo

Cropping the Photo

  • Tap the Edit button
  • Tap the Crop button at the bottom of the screen

The photo will be automatically crop and the perspective will be changed. Sometimes, this is enough. If so, just click Done and your finished. In my case, I had to use the Straighten tool to rotate the photo then I clicked Done. Notice I rotated the photo a -18. Refer to below image for my result:

iPhone Crocked Photo Cropped 3
Editing with iPhone photo editor

If you are using iOS 13+, head over to the App Store to download and install the free program Snapseed. Once installed:

The Snapseed Tools

  • Open your crooked photo in Snapseed
  • Click on Tools at the bottom of the screen. You will see the following image:
iPhone Crocked Photo Cropped 5
Snapseed tool set

As you will notice, there are lots of tools to chose from for your photo.

  • Click on the Perspective icon. You can tilt up or down, rotate right or left, scale the photo or free hand the perspective. Refer to my below image:
iPhone Crocked Photo Cropped 6
Using the Snapseed Perspective tool

The app is super sensitive to your touch, much more precise than the built in iPhone photo editor. As you move the perspective, the app will automatically fill in the edges. Check out all the other tools you can use for photo editing. Once you are finished, click Done. Notice at the top of the screen the Straighten is precise to the hundreds of a percent. See the below image:

Phone Crocked Photo Cropped 7
Final image with Snapseed. This photo was cropped showing white edges

Saving Your Photo

  • Tap on the Checkmark icon in the lower right of your screen
  • Tap on Export. You will see the following image:
iPhone Crocked Photo Cropped 8
Saving your photo
  • Tap on Save to save your changes or Save a copy to preserve your original photo. You are now finished.

I Would Like to Hear from You

Please feel free to leave a comment. I would love hearing from you. Do you have a computer or smart device tech question? I will do my best to answer your inquiry. Please mention the device, app and version that you are using. To help me out, you can send screenshots of your data related to your question.

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