How to Use Copy and Paste on iPhone

It’s easy to copy and paste various items, including text, web links, photos, and messages, on your iPhone.

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April 14, 2022

It’s easy to copy and paste various items, including text, web links, photos, and messages, on your iPhone. Let’s explore how to copy and paste these items between various apps on your Apple smartphone.

This is for the iPhone. Screenshots are from iPhone XR

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Copying and pasting regular text is the easiest thing to do on your iPhone. You basically select the text to copy and choose the copy option.

First, find the text you want to copy on your iPhone. This text could be on a website, in a note, or anywhere on your phone.

Next, tap and hold on to the text to copy. Then, in the menu that opens, tap Select. Refer to the below image:

CopyPaste 1
Accessing the Select option

Now, two handlers will appear around your text. Use these handles to adjust the selection of words, lines, or paragraphs to copy. Then tap Copy to copy your selected text. See the below image:

CopyPaste 2
Accessing the Copy option

Next, your selected text is now available in your iPhone’s virtual clipboard. You can now paste this text anywhere on your phone. To do that, simply tap and hold on to a text field, and from the menu that opens, choose Paste. See the following image:

CopyPaste 3
Accessing the Paste option

Now, your copy and paste text will be displayed. Refer to the below image:

CopyPaste 4
Your Copy and Paste text

You can use copy and paste for links, photos, and messages. All it takes to copy an item on your iPhone is to tap and hold on to that item and choose Copy. In certain apps, you open the Share menu and then tap Copy to copy your item.

For example, I write notes, comments, and other texts in Apple Notes, then Paste the text to social media. Notes are easier to read, have some formatting capability, are iCloud based, which allows for easy sharing.

The universal copy system works across many file types on your phone. That means you can use it to copy and paste on most anything on your device.

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