Did you Know you can Show Multiple Time Zones in Windows 10?

This feature is for a Desktop or Laptop running Windows 10 Operating System. Your family, coworkers or friends may be in different time zones. Lets say you have friends residing in Arizona which does not observe Daylight Savings Time. How many hours are they ahead or behind your current time zone? We are going to find an easy way to do this beside searching for “time in <city>”.

This is for Windows 10 operating system

Setup Additional Time Zones

To find these settings:

  • Right click on the clock in the Windows 10 Taskbar (lower right)
  • Select Adjust date/time
  • Select Add clocks for different time zones under Related Settings section

See below screenshot:

Date and Time Settings
Date and Time settings screenshot

Adding Two Time Zones

To add other clock(s):

  • Check Show this clock box
  • Chose a time zone
  • Enter a display name
  • Repeat above for a second time zone, its up to you

Your can add two times zones besides your current one

  • Click OK

See below screenshot for adding two time zones:

Time Zone Settings
Adding time zone for Dhaka, Bangladesh and DaNang, Vietnam

Now when you hover your mouse over the date and time in the Taskbar you will see your time zone settings.

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