How to Access Two-Factor Authentication for Major Apps

Two-Factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra security layer to your accounts across the internet. 2FA means your accounts require information beyond user name and password to confirm you are who you say you are before you can get into the accounts. Let’s explore how to access 2FA.

Two-Factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra security layer to your accounts across the internet. 2FA means your accounts require information beyond user name and password to confirm you are who you say you are before you can get into the accounts. Let’s explore how to access 2FA.

This is for iPhone, iPad, PCs and Macs. Screenshots are from Windows 10 and iPhone XR

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The “second factor” comes in after you enter your username and password, which are considered to be the “first factor.” 2FA can be used to confirm your identity by asking for an extra piece of information. The additional information can be:

  • Something you know, like an additional passcode.
  • Something you have, like your phone to receive a one time authorization code.
  • Something you are, like a fingerprint or voice print. This is also called biometric security.

The idea is to provide another piece of information a hacker would not have, making it harder for the bad guy to break into your account.

The following is not an exhaustive list of services with 2FA ability, but we cover the major services everyone tends to use, and walk you through how to access. We will cover Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Twitter. Activate 2FA on all of these and you will be more secure. Once you have found their 2FA screens you can can set it up for each app.


First, launch on the desktop and login in to your account. Next, click the Menu icon in upper left-hand corner. Now, scroll down the drop-down menu to Your Account option.

Next, click on the Login & Security big button. Now, on the next page, click Edit next to Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings. The preferred method is an authentication app (scan the QR code); phone number(s) are the backup method. Refer to below image where I already have 2SV based on my phone number (which is dimmed out):

2FA 1
Amazon 2SV

If you think your account has been comprised, go back to Login & Security and click the Edit button next to Secure Your Account.


Following are the steps on how to access 2FA for Apple using either iOS or macOS.

On iOS go to:

Settings > [your name at the top] > Password & Security > Turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

On macOS go to:

System Preferences > iCloud, then sign in, click Account Details > Security > Turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

Note! once Apple 2FA is activated for two weeks, you can not turn it off. “Certain features in the latest versions of iOS and macOS require this extra level of security, which is designed to protect your information,” according to Apple. See below image for iOS:

2FA 2
Apple 2FA


First, login to Facebook on your desktop. Next, click the Down arrow in upper right-hand corner. Now, from the drop-down menu that appears, click on the Settings & Privacy option. On the next screen, click the Privacy & Checkup option. From there, click on the topic How to keep your account secure. Under this topic, you can access 2FA for Facebook. See following image where 2FA is On with a backup method of sending a text message to a phone number.

2FA 3
Facebook 2FA


How to Perform a Privacy Checkup on Facebook


First, sign in to your Google account on your smart device. Next, at the top of the screen, locate the Security tab and tap it. Now, scroll down and tap the 2- Step Verification option. You can continuing scrolling to see more ways to verify you. Refer to below image where my 2SV is already turned On and I am using the backup method of Voice or text message:

2FA 4
Google 2SV

Google calls its system 2SV . It’s all about identifying you via phone. When you enter a password to access your Google account for almost any service, if 2SV is on, there are multiple options to get that second step. First among them now: the Google Prompt. You simply add your smartphone to your account, make sure the Google search app is on the phone, and at login, you can go to the phone and simply acknowledge with a tap that you are the one signing in.


First, launch Instagram on your smart device. Next, go to your Profile in lower right-hand corner, then tap the menu (the hamburger icon) on the top-right. Tap Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication. There you can choose how you would like to get your authentication code by tapping the Get Started button. See below image:

2FA 5
Instagram 2FA


Business social network Linkedin makes it easy to set up verification, either by SMS texts or authentication app.

First, launch Linkedin on you smart device, then go to your Profile at upper left-hand screen. Next, go to Settings > Sign in & Security > Account > Two-step verification to activate it or deactivate. See following image:

2FA 6
Linkedin 2SV


First sign into your Microsoft account on your smart device. Now, tap your Profile. Next, scroll down and tap Security. 2FA is the second option, tap on it. Once again, tap Two -step verification > Manage. Microsoft will suggest you get app passwords as needed for older service or devices (like Xbox 360); go in later to generate one as needed. Refer to below image:

2FA 7
Microsoft 2SV


First, to activate Login Verification on on the desktop, login to Twitter, Click the More menu on the left (the three dots) and select Security & Account Access > Security > Two-Factor Authentication. See following image:

2FA 8
Twitter 2FA

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That’s it. With 2FA activated on these apps you are more secure. Please feel free to share this post! One way to share is via Twitter.

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