PC Fine Tuning Summary

Windows DB Management

You can “pull on that drawer” like the above image to get your PC in shape or follow this blog post.

I have discussed various programs on fine tuning your PC in previous posts. This is a summary post of those programs, all in one place. I have done this fine tuning on many kinds of machines and operating systems in 15 countries as well as the USA. All these programs are free or available on a trial basis.

Some friends of mine had rather take their PC to a geek shop for a reformat of their hard drive and a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows every six months. They spend hundreds of dollars in doing this, which is unnecessary.

You have a choice of following the steps below or paying a consultant (like myself) or paying a geek shop to fine tune your PC. But its not hard to do it on your own. It takes one to three hours about every three to six months. If you haven’t already done so, you will need to download and install the following programs. You only have to do this once, then just run the programs. The links provided below walk you through downloading, installing and running these applications.

This is for a Windows based operating systems

Download and Install Applications

  • DriverMax (paid or trial version) or a similar free program like Driver Booster
  • Belarc Advisor
  • Autoruns
  • CCleaner
  • Wise Disk Cleaner
  • Wise Registry Cleaner
  • Defraggler

Lets get started.

I recommend doing the following steps in order:

Running the Applications

  1. Create a Restore Point and a backup of the Registry using Wise Registry Cleaner
  2. Uninstall applications not being used through the Apps and Features. In the Cortana search box. type “Uninstall Programs” (without the quotes) to load the feature to uninstall your unneeded programs
  3. Check your device driver updates using DriverMax (paid or trial program) or a similar free program like Driver Booster
  4. Run Belarc Advisor for a status of your PC, especially for anti virus software definitions and missing Windows Updates and apply updates as necessary
  5. Check your startup applications and missing entries using Autoruns
  6. Delete junk files using CCleaner and/or Wise Disk Cleaner. Its best to run both
  7. Clean your registry using Wise Registry Cleaner
  8. Defragment your hard drive(s) using Defraggler
  9. Reboot or restart your PC

That’s it. Your PC will now run faster and be more stable!

I Would Like to Hear from You

Please feel free to leave a comment. I would love hearing from you. Do you have a computer tech question? I will do my best to answer your inquiry. Please mention the app and version that you are using. To help me out, you can send screenshots of your data related to your question.


Update your drivers using a program like DriverMax

Determine the status of your machine using Belarc Advisor

Turn off missing files using Autoruns

Delete junk file using CCleaner

A more robust file cleanup using Wise Disk Cleaner

Clean the Registry of invalid entries using Wise Registry Cleaner

Defragment your hard drive(s) and partitions using Defraggler

Author: Raymond

I am Raymond Oglesby with 30 years in Information Technology. I have taught Microsoft Applications and troubleshot computers in 15 countries as well as many States. I am starting my first blog on using technology at home or at work. I plan on updating the blog twice a week. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment. I would love hearing from you.

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