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In this Coronavirus pandemic, many people are working from home. Our local TV news and weather people have live audio and video streaming from their homes for the daily news broadcast. Working from home has become the new norm.

This will continue after the crisis is over. Instead of going to an office or to a clients location, you will collaborate through an audio and video service.

I researched some web sites for the top call services. They have a similar mix of apps, just in a different order. Some of the web sites have organizations I never heard of. So, I like the ranking from Office Watch. Click here to read their review.

This is for modern web browsers and apps on Apple, Android and Microsoft platforms

Their top seven online call services are as follows:

  1. FaceTime – handles up to 32 people
  2. Skype – up to 50 people
  3. WhatsApp – handles 4 people
  4. Signal – one-on-one calls only
  5. Zoom and Meetings – up to 100 people for the free version; 1000 for their enterprise paid version
  6. Microsoft Teams and Live Events – can handle 4 participates, up to 10,000 for the paid version
  7. Google Hangouts – up to 150 people

I recommend Facetime or Skype for a small busines; Zoom for a medium business; and Zoom Meetings for a large enterprise. Facetime and basic Zoom are free. Click here to read the review of their rankings.

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