How to Use Advanced Search to Find Tweets

Twitter has tons of information that flows by faster than we can comprehend. Fortunately, it’s possible to search for tweets using various parameters.

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August 5, 2021

Twitter has tons of information that flows by faster than we can comprehend. Fortunately, it’s possible to search for tweets using various parameters. Let’s explore this feature.

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Search Tweets by Dates Range

Twitter provides both a mobile and a desktop browser Advanced Search page that lets you search for tweets posted within a certain date range. If you are on a mobile device, open your browser and click here for mobile. For the desktop browser, open your browser and click here for desktop.

Now, on the Advanced Search page, scroll all the way down to the bottom to the Dates section. There, you will find two parameters: From and To. Refer to below image:

Accessing Dates section

Next, choose your desired month, day, and year for each parameter. Here’s what they do:

  • From: Set this to find tweets posted after midnight (12:00 a.m.) on this date.
  • To: Set this to find tweets posted up until midnight (12:00 a.m.) on this date.

While this sounds simple, using the parameters can be confusing. For example, if you want to find tweets only from May 20, 2021, you would set From to “May 20, 2021” and To to “May 21, 2021.” You will get tweets posted between midnight on May 20 until midnight on May 21. You would not set both fields to the same date. See below image:

Setting From and To date

Similarly, if you wanted to find only tweets from the month of May 2021, you would set From to “May 1, 2021” and To to “June 1, 2021.” That way, your search will cover all 31 days of May.

Now, scroll up and enter another parameter, such as a search term in the Words section, or an account name in the Accounts section. Next, click Search when you are done. See following image for an Account search:

Search an Account

When you see the results, you can further sort them by different criteria using tabs located just below the search bar. Top shows the matching tweets with the most engagements. Latest shows all matching tweets in reverse chronological order. Refer to below image for the Latest using my domain name:

Display Latest posts for an Account

See below image for my Top posts using my Twitter name:

Display Top posts for a Twitter name

If you need to do another search, just revisit Twitter’s advanced search page and search again. It includes many parameters that allow you to narrow down tweets on certain dates, people, photos, videos, and much more.

Search Tweets by Date Range Using Inline Parameters

Another way of searching for tweets from a specific date or dates is using inline search parameters that you type directly into the search box in the Twitter app or on the Twitter website.

Here are three parameters that you can use:

Note! the following are just examples, not for literal input.

  • From: Find tweets posted only by this Twitter account. For example: from:raymondxxx  or from:techsavvy.
  • Since: Find tweets posted since 12:00 a.m. on this date. The date format is YYYY-MM-DD. For example: since:2021-05-01.
  • Until: Find tweets posted until 12:00 a.m. on this date. The date format is YYYY-MM-DD. For example: until:2021-06-01.

For example, if you would like to see all tweets posted by the “techsavvy” Twitter account between May 1, 2021 and June 1, 2021, you would type the following into the Twitter search box:

from:techsavvy until:2021-06-01 since:2021-05-01

If you wanted to find all posts about “Safari” by “raymondxxx” posted on May 15, 2021, you would enter:

safari from:raymondxxx since:2021-05-15 until:2021-05-16

And so on. This kind of quick inline search can be quite powerful once you get the syntax of the date format. You can also find embarrassing old tweets and delete them.

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